Contour RollerMouse Red Plus

Central pekenhet - ergonomisk - 6 knappar - kabelansluten - USB - med Balance Keyboard Wired
Tillverkare Contour Design
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    • Få mer energi med RollerMouse Red
    • Stor räckvidd och precision
    • Prisbelönt design med dokumenterad effekt
    • Få komfort och spara krafterna
    • En mus, flera handleds- och armstöd
    With RollerMouse, centrally positioned in front of your keyboard, you no longer need to move your hand to grip the mouse, thus avoiding tension in the neck, shoulders, elbows and wrists. By working in this optimal zone, you can correct your posture and prevent RSI. Use the wrist rest, work with both hands and vary positions to avoid discomfort. Simply enjoy a better way of working.
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